Through painting I try to get closer to things I cannot comprehend or articulate through words alone. I perseive differently from a man. Not better or worse. Differently. I am looking for the beautiful but breakable connections between things. In ourselves, and between people. In nature itself, and in our dependence of it. What is strenght when detached from frailty?

The motives emerge on the surface through the working process. I grab and develop fragments, or perceptions, into moods or little stories on the surface. Photos or sketches from direct observation are therefore not part of my painting process. They are more like snapshots or fragments of something I somehow remember, for  example something I have read, or something I have experienced myself or somthing from fantasy,  or it might be a combination of these. Balancing the urge to control things, to tell a story on one hand, and "listening" and discover things on the workingsurface - is both my challenge and my drive.


I use acrylic paints, charcoal and Indian Ink on canvas.


Vigdis B Søvik

May 2019